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It's business cards, it's stationary, it's factory signs, it's vehicle livery it's brochures, leaflets, exhibitions stands, clothing and its on products. If you like, the Internet can start the fight but for a company serious about a full complement of marketing assets, it's print that can finish it.

This is where it all started and Deshok has many, many years of printing experience and will follow a project diligently, from design right through to finished print and delivered. What other way is there?

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Hermes  -  Brochure . A4 . 8pp . 4/4
This brochure was produced as part of a complete targeted presentation. Including the brand, website and Flash intro animation. This was all produced, ready for the client to present in 5 days. Only 15 off of this brochure were required and for purposes of speed the brochure was laser printed.

Water Less  -  Brochure . SRA4 . 20pp . 4/4 x 5 metallic colours
This brochure was designed to finished artwork for a 3rd party agency in the Midlands and was part of a marketing plan to promote the (new at the time) technology of waterless inks and printing processes. This Brochure was deliberately designed to be highly detailed to fully demonstrate the advantages of the technology and to high-light it's green credentials.


Aegir Sailboards - Mini brochure . DL . 8pp . 4/4
This mini brochure was one of the first projects produced entirely on a computer and as such has earned a special place in this portfolio. The project had to fit strict criteria as in most cases, it was to be posted therefore it is DL in size to fit a standard envelope and consideration was given to paper weight to keep it with-in postal regulations and the marketing budget. Despite this the brochure needed to inform and inspire and a matt laminated cover gave it an extra feel of quality and would serve to keeping it looking fresh for longer.

SAKER LSV - Brochure . A4 . 6pp . 4/4
This brochure for the Saker light strike vehicle was produce entirely without the use of a computer, because, to be honest, computes hadn't been invented yet so yes this is a very early project produced for a printer Deshok was working with at the time. This brochure was Matt laminated front and back and the cover features a spot UV varnish both of which were relatively new processes at the time.

Animal Products - Brochure . A4 . 20pp . 4/4
Sometimes even companies with perfectly good art departments need a little help, in this case simple because they were busy and needed this brochure and a few other items in a hurry. In this case only finished artwork was required the design templates were provided by the client.

Bomber - Brochure . A4 . 16pp . 4/4
A recommendation from the UK distributor resulted in Deshok being commissioned to create something new for this Italian mountain bike components company. Model and product Photography was provided by the client but photoshop re-imagining of the models came from Deshok, giving this trade brochure a unique cyberpunk / anime vibe.

SOSLynx - Brand assets
One of Deshok's favourite projects, helping to high-light the plight of the Iberian lynx. At the time there were only approximately 150 in the wild but since then and due to the global awareness raised by SOSLynx, the future for the Iberian lynx is no longer look so bleak. For this project the complete marketing assets package was required.

Mathmos - B2B brochure . A4 - 18pp . 4/4 x 2 special colours
The entire art dept at this company had gone down with the flu when Deshok was recommended by a friend to produce the finished artwork and final design touches for this trade / retail brochure. This project demanded a very large print run and was distributed to stores and whole sale through the UK.