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It is your message, your promise, your very first impression. Aim high, dress your company for where you want it be and the rest will follow.

Below are some favourite projects, that have had to perform via many different channels. Ranging from company stationary through to multi-roll Internet applications and pressed steel vehicle badges.

The 1st stage of this brand for Cameleon was development with-in Adobe Illustrator program and the components where then taken into Photoshop to have special effects applied giving this version of the brand depth and richness. This project was produced for use as a pressed steel vehicle logo, website, screen and litho printing also for adverting and exhibitions assets.

This logo was produced as part of a complete targeted presentation, including the brand, website, Flash intro animation and an A4, full colour, printed, 8pp brochure. This was all produced, ready for the client to present in 5 days.

The logo was produced Initially in Adobe Flash as an integral part of a brand new website development. Initially it was intended just as a demonstrating of how a new brand for the company could look. It has since been adopted by the client and will be rolled-out over the coming months.

A Nationally focused Plumbing and heating company with an eye on franchise opportunities in the future. Commissioned this digital and vector based logo for the company re-launch. As in most cases, this logo had to be multi- functional work well on company stationery, website, clothing and vehicle livery.

The very first incarnation of this logo had to be produced very quickly to be included as part of the business plan to raise finance for the new business venture. The final version you can see above followed on some weeks later after extensive input and collaboration with the client.

Brand development for early Deshok. This particular series was for use on Deshok merchandising that was given out in goodie bags at the 40 degrees trade show, Olympia and Earls Court London. Designed to be eye catching and memorable while practical for both screen and litho printing.

This concept for a new extreme clothing brand was for one of many companies that fell at the first hurdle. Never-the-less this brand was conceived to appeal to the appropriate market while including a certain SiFi - animi vibe. This logo needed to look great for the internet and embroidered or screen printed on to clothing and other products.

This was the first project that Deshok completed for Mo'Jive, opening the gates for them to expand dramatically and become one of Deshok's biggest clients. The Mo'jive brands primary use was for promotional print but later adapted very well for the Internet, clothing, banners and 3D animation.

Prozoo was developed by a team formally of Animal clothing. Prozoo was an exclusively DH Mountain bike brand, making protective clothing for competition use to a European standard. The above is the full logo but a stripped down version was developed, compatible with inject-moulding.

This is an older branding project from the very early days of Deshok, back in 1996-97. The project was for a FreeSports management company who looked after the Skyway BMX team and Craig Campbell amongst other leading BMX riders of the time.

This is one of Deshok's favourite projects as this is a cause close to the hart. Highlighting the polite of the Iberian Lynx of which there are only estimated to be 150 left in the wild. This logo, deliberately designed to be simple while striking, demonstrating the majestic dynamic appeal of the animal. Originally only for an on-line appeal the project along with some excellent promotion from the SOSLynx team, soon picked up international momentum.

A construction company with national ambitions wanted a simple, sturdy and dependable looking logo to demonstrate this company ethos. This project was produced using 3D software as it was considered appropriate and integral to the brands appeal.

This Cobra International Ltd brand was developed as a collaboration between Deshok and Adam Yeadon and went on to be one of the most widely used and long lived brands developed being used for over 15 years until Cobra was sold and the owner decided on early retirement. This Brand had to be multi-functional, working primarily for products, providing them with excellent point-of-sale-appeal as well as off the page advertising, brochures, leaflets, point-of-sale and product screen printing.