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Deshok is the company and alias of Neil Stevens; an Ex-Blacksmithing, Graphic Designer and Creative Director who established Deshok back in 1996. Since then Deshok’s unique ‘weaponised’ creative style has helped to create new global markets for companies in the AEROSPACE, DEFENCE and (selected) CIVILIAN sectors.


Deshok is a Website and Digital Design Agency that can provide a complete program of marketing assets and peripheral services, with a strong focus on helping to push your projects to new and exciting possibilities; to achieve your business goals and to over-deliver on your expectations of service.


Deshok can empower your business by innovating and creating web-based systems which enable your company to communicate better with new and existing customers; maximising your potential for greater discoverability and improving your call-to-action (C2A) and/or campaign conversions.

Let’s expand on that...

It all starts with your goal. What do you want to achieve for your business? What is your mission? Once this is established Deshok can create internet applications and portholes (websites) to help you communicate that message to your customers or indeed, to improve customer communication with your business. With your objective in mind your project will be built from the ground up, with meticulous attention to detail being applied to every pixel, in order to make sure that your visitors are inspired to fulfil your call to action. Every page visit, every button click can be monitored and measured so you and your team can decide how well the project is performing. A suck-it-and-see approach with your analytical data to hand, will allow you to maintain stronger elements of the campaign and improve or drop weaker ones.

Most projects follow a tried and tested 5 stage plan:

 1. BRIEF - What is your objective?
 2. STRATEGY - What's needed to achieve it?
 3. CREATIVE - Create the assets to do it
 4. IMPLEMENTATION - Send it, Attend it, Make it live
 5. ANALYTICAL  - Count it, Measure it, Improve it

Deshok can work with you on all of these stages or equally alongside your existing agency providing one or two of them.

Intranet / Extranet projects are part of the suit of services. Deshok can create fully integrated systems that will enable your whole organisation to communicate seamlessly between departments, whether they be in the next office or on the other side of the world. This can be achieved via a beautifully designed interface that is quick and simple to use, anywhere in the world via devises mobile or desktop.
Deshok pays special attention to usability, being very aware that a new system implementation to a corporation should make work lives easier while robustly achieving the company objectives. This wing of the Deshok service can come as complete service, from development through to implementation or working alongside your existing suppler, creating the system for your current agency to implement.


We call it the ‘Ikea Hypothesis’. If for instance you bought a flat packed cupboard yesterday and built it, today you would expect to build the same cupboard more quickly and more efficiently, because you have the experience of yesterday’s cupboard build under your belt. Deshok have been working with companies within the Defence and Aerospace industry since 1996. This experience has brought an understanding to the mix that we feel is unique. Over the years we feel that we have grown a true understanding of the business. We are confident that we have the best idea of what your customer wants to see, to inspire them to fulfil your call to action and also to inspire your staff to enthusiastically take up a new system and actually use it.


Every company needs a robust marketing strategy and marketing assets. A company serious about competing in today's ever shifting digital world needs a campaign that is constantly running hot, developing interest in your company today, that will generate you new orders tomorrow. Are you thinking about this now because your order book is a bit thin? Well, better late than never, but the truth is, do it today, benefit tomorrow.

As a person who runs a successful department or company you know that delegation is the key; you can't be bogged down with how a thing is done, you merely need to know that it is, leaving you free to do what you do best. Deshok can provide you with a fully integrated marketing comms system. With regard to the internet Deshok can devise a coherent strategy of Website, E-marketing, Social media, Analytics and CMS, to get your message to the widest possible audience and inspire them to act. Achieving this all under one roof is a real luxury as it adds a layer of coherence that is hard to achieve when using a multi-agency approach.


Simple is good, simple is robust and reliable. At Deshok we work very hard and very thoughtfully to ensure that everything is as streamlined as possible. Most importantly this means making life easier for you and your team to update and maintain your E-marketing campaign, anywhere in the world, on any device, keeping your content relevant and up-to- date and simple for your customers to discover, understand and share. 


Deshok works very hard towards building your system to be as industry standard as possible. We endeavour to use systems that other agencies will be familiar with so if you chose to move on or bring things in-house, in most cases it will be a simple case of transferring a couple of passwords.


That is not the case here at Deshok. We would not suggest something that we had not tried and tested ourselves first. That is the way with every facet of our Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns (IDMC) from Website to Blog, to Social, to Adwords and Analytics, when a new tool is recognised its benefits are weighed and measured and only then it is included in our own program. If we find that it is hard to maintain or it just doesn't bring in the traffic, we do not recommend it to you. But our IDMC is only the tip of a very blunt iceberg. A huge chunk of our work is R&D and is undertaken behind the scenes. We are nerds; we are plinking around, talking to colleagues and reading blog posts to keep right up to date with the latest digital advances. This is ongoing and continues in the background all the time; because of this you can be confident that your company will have the latest technologies behind it, continually pushing projects forward.


Providing you with a service that is literally second to none is paramount to Deshok; we are all about making people happy and keeping them that way. We don't believe that a client should pay more for great service, it shouldn't be special, it should just be normal. 90% of existing Deshok clients are recommendations and 70% have been with us for more than 5 years, with some being with us over 15 years! We have been described as having a can-do-attitude where nothing is too much trouble and everything is possible. In the end, it's all about making people happy.


• Website Development
• Responsive Web Design
• Custom Web Applications
• Micro Sites
• Intranet Systems
• Pan-Global Extranet
• Content Management Systems (CMS)
• E-commerce
• Animation and Interactive Development
• Platform & System Integration
• New and Legacy, Digital Asset Management (DAM)
• Languages: PHP, ASP, NET, JAVA, ActionScript, Flash, CSS, HTML5
• Social Media Integrations (SMI)
• Mobile and Smart Devices Development
• Database Design
• Data Management
• Analysis & Strategy
• Hosting and Service Maintenance
• First-line Search Engine Optimisation ready, (SEO)


The Deshok strapline (moto) is; a creative force with GUTS "N" GLORY! But what does that mean to you? At Deshok we like to do things differently, we like to really analyse your market and come up with a creative strategy that is a little more off the wall then the usual. We are not interested in being reckless with your company or budget, but neither are we risk adverse. We like to come up with ideas and strategies that really stand out from your competition and slaps them between the eyes. For us this is a creative arms race and one we intend to win for you and your company.

So that’s GUTS now for the GLORY!

This is the results, the prize, the reward; that visitors to your site are many and they fulfil your call to action, to fill a form, send an email, pick up the phone or whatever your call to action maybe. So this is our strategy, to create something very different that really stands out, to achieve the biggest results possible for you and your business. When that’s achieved our job is done!